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FLYING to Honduras and the Clinic of Angels:


1. Fly to the La Ceiba Airport (LCE). This airport is closest to the Clinic of Angels. From the La Ceiba airport you can rent a car or truck and drive to your hotel or other lodging. 


2. Fly to the San Pedro Sula Airport (SAP). From there you will need to drive to LaCeiba via rent a car or truck which is readily available at the San Pedro Sula airport or you can take a luxury bus Hedman Alas located at the airport. For booking follow this link 

Some have said that "All roads lead to the Clinic of Angels". That is because there is actually just one road, CA13, along the north Atlantic coast from San Pedro Sula to LaCeiba. The road is fairly nice until you pass LaCeiba, after that keep your eyes open for pot holes. From the airport in San Pedro Sula to the Clinic of Angels it is approx. 150 miles. From LaCeiba it is 30 miles. Most lodging is only 20 to 25 minutes from the Clinic. 

3. Fly to the Island of Roatan, airport code RTB. Take a Ferry to LaCeiba. For booking follow the link.   Jose or Elmer will pick you up at the dock to take you to rent a car or truck or take you to your lodging.

Pick-up: Evelyn, Jose, or Elmer may be able to pick you up in La Ceiba. Please make arrangements directly with them.    

              Evelyn's cell:   USA 253-831-2100    Honduras 011-504-9621-2623

              Jose's cell:       USA 253-815-0732  

              Elmer's cell:    Honduras  011 504 9698-5427


Hotel Palma Real: Phone +504 2429-0500

Address: Km. 20 carretera La Ceiba-Trujillo, La Ceiba 00011 

(Hyperlink) through Expedia

(Hyperlink) through


Villa Helen's Hotel: Phone +504 2408-113

Address: Sambo Creek

Clinic of Angels - In Home: There is a large bedroom with full bath available to stay in the main home. One section of the home is occupied by Evelyn, Jose, and their girls while another is home to Elmer, Bertha, and their 4 children. Delicious home-cooked meals are provided by Bertha. It is $25 per person, per night based on availability. The room can sleep up to 6 medical team members.

*There is no extra fee for the wake-up call from the roosters at 3:00am.

Local Number



Honduras Number


1925 South 341st Place, Federal Way, WA 98003


  Elmer Alexandar Trochez Chavez

  Desvio Belaire / Piedras Amarillas

  Jutiapa, Atlantida, Honduras, CA

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