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Educational Teams

Help us strengthen our connections in local schools, both with teachers and students.


  • Teachers willing to partner with schools to teach classes to students

  • Those interested in revitalizing tired classrooms

  •  Educators to work with teachers to help them with their English language skills

Extra-curricular activities - In preparation to build a new school, we are creating a lively after school program of activities and workshops. Volunteer your time and talents to bring a new skill to children who have little experience of anything outside of the walls of their homes.

Educators - Many service teams teach in the schools. There are always such opportunities. One service team helped to put computers in five schools. Another team built a vehicle to help transport students. Many teams purchase and pass out school supplies to the children.

If you are interested or have a service team that would like to help in the cloud forests of Honduras, please contact us.

Thanks! Message sent.

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