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Our Mission

To provide a free Medical Clinic, Health Care, Vision care, Medicines, Nutrition, Basic Necessities, Education, and Social Development to impoverished Hondurans in partnership with volunteer service and medical teams.

Our Promise

Projecto Honduras is a 501(c)(3) charity with an all volunteer organization. Our founders pay all administrative costs so 100% of your donation goes toward improving and saving lives.

Projecto Honduras Religious Policy

Projecto Honduras is a charitable organization. We are not a religious group nor do we attempt to convert to one faith or denomination. 


We invite medical and service teams to work at our free clinic “The Clinic of Angels”, in Honduras.

Many of these teams are religious based and all are welcome to share their beliefs. 


Please share your message of love, service, kindness and freedom.


Projecto Honduras is committed to keeping the children in the cloud forests alive, helping them with their education,

setting examples of charitable service, and allowing all people to make their own faith based choices. 

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