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Hartman Eye Clinic


The need for medical eye care among this population is great. Due to daily exposure to ultraviolet rays while outdoors in this dusty, often dry tropical climate, the rate of occurrence of sight-threatening cataracts and pterygia at an early age is staggering.  About five years ago a medical team examined many of the workers in the cloud forest. The results were troubling: 

                                       94% of men, 30 years or older, had Cataracts (68%) or Pterygia (26%) 


                                       80% of women, 40 and older, had Cataracts (63%) or Pterygia (17%) 


With such a huge need for medical eye care, Projecto Honduras has funded, built and equipped a modern, air-conditioned surgical eye center near the small town of Jutiapa, in north central Honduras. Details about this new clinic are highlighted in the attached video.   


We now offer a modern facility where critical eye surgeries can be performed, but we are in great need for Ophthalmologists to perform surgeries and Optometrists to provide pre- and post- surgical along with general eye care.  

We need Volunteer Optometry Teams to administer general eye care, 

screenings and measure for glasses.

We need Volunteer Ophthalmology/Surgical Teams

to perform the surgeries.

Please visit How You Can Help for more information.

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