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In the poorest regions of Honduras, public education is underfunded and often not available. There is also a cost for books and materials.

Sponsorships makes it possible for children to have the means to attend  school and enables them to purchase the required school uniforms, fees for text books, shoes, backpacks, miscellaneous school supplies, and when needed, medical care, food and transportation. 

Because we are committed to ensuring that students continue with their education sponsorships are not child specific. 


Please visit the website regularly to view photos and read updates of the ways in which your contributions are making a difference!


If you do not specifically request your donation be applied to 'Education', the monies will be added to the General Fund.


For your convenience, set up recurring payments 

through our secure PayPal site

  • $100/month

  • $ 75/month

  • $ 50/month

  • $ 25/month


A one-time donation is also greatly appreciated

Click on the pictures below to learn more about a student your donation will help

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