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No donation is too small

Every donation is greatly appreciated and very needed

Our 501(c) (3) charitable organization federal tax ID number is 26-2567339.


Some of the poorest communities in the world are less than a

three hour flight from the United States.

The people in the Cloud Forests of Honduras are in one of these areas.


They are geographically isolated, they have almost no education, and they are neglected by their government.

Children suffer and die from easily treatable conditions such as parasite infestations, malnutrition, common viruses, malaria and minor infections. 

Our dedicated volunteers not only give countless hours of service, they pay for their own transportation and expenses while visiting Honduras to serve.


When you donate to Projecto Honduras, 100% of your donation goes towards food, water, shelter, clothing, education, medical care, and many other needs. 


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