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Clinic of Angels

“The Clinic of Angels” serves over 100 communities surrounding Belaire, Honduras.

Our free medical clinic provides a wide variety of medical care and treatment.


Additionally, we provide dental care, perform surgical procedures, render emergency care,

and facilitate ambulance service to larger hospitals when needed.

It is not unusual to see 200 people waiting outside who have walked for miles with the hope of relief. They wear their best clothing and often bring gifts such as bananas, avocados, and coconuts to show their appreciation.


Just a little over 2 hours from the Miami airport the people in the cloud forests of Honduras suffer from the most tragic of diseases believed to be associated only with countries in Africa and Asia.

Kwashiorkor, Linear IGA Bullous, Malaria, Leishmaniasis, Dengue Fever, Mal de Chagas and more.

Many desperately hungry and poorly nourished children resort to eating dirt prior to an early death. 

Click on the images below for more information.

Warning! Some of the images are very graphic. 

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