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From our efficient pharmacy we are able to provide vital medications specific to the needs of the local residents. Patients are given training on the proper way to administer the drug. We are also able to supply the local schools with medicines such as Acetaminophen, Vitamins, and Anti-parasitics. 


Much of the medication is purchased locally in Honduras with your donations.

In addition, doctors from the states regularly contribute pharmaceuticals and medical supplies. Medicines are also collected through “drives” within church groups, schools, sports teams, and other organizations. Through their generosity we receive tubes of Antifungal Cream, Hydrocortisone and Triple antibiotic ointment.

The medicines collected in the states are either held and shipped on the next container

or hand carried by medical teams and other visitors to the Clinic.

These charitable people max out their airline luggage allotment and fill their bags to the last pound! 

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