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Medical Clinic

“The Clinic of Angels” serves over 100 communities surrounding  BelAire, Honduras. Our free medical clinic provides a wide variety of medical care and treatment.  

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Our new eye clinic provides surgeries for cataracts and pterygiae.  We have a library of prescription glasses and we provide all manner of optical care. We are very excited to be a small part of helping the blind to see.    

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We know that through education the cycle of poverty can end. We sponsor students, teach in the classrooms and provide tutoring. We purchase school supplies for more than 1200 students annually. 

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​Humanitarian Aid

With your help, Projecto Honduras has shipped 30 containers from the United States with plans to ship more. Volunteer service teams help purchase and deliver goods to the needy children and families.    

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Projecto Honduras built a park, soccer field, basketball court and small stadium that gives the community a place to meet, celebrate, play and share. Through this interaction we make lifetime friends. 

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From our efficient pharmacy we are able to provide vital medications specific to the needs of the local residents. 

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Our Dental clinic provides education, extractions, cleaning and when possible repair. This is an area of great need.

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