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Give a Gift

Imagine if every gift you give, gives three times. your special person for Easter, Christmas or Birthdays

Next... to a needy child or family in the impoverished cloud forests of Honduras,

Then... as a tax deductible donation for you.

We are featuring four affordable gifts, with accompanying printable decorative cards, that will help feed and nourish families and provide shoes for school for children.

1 Life sustaining Moringa tree - $10.00

Moringa is used in India and Africa in feeding programs to fight malnutrition. Native to India, this tree is now being introduced to Honduras where it thrives in the warmth and rain of the tropical forests and mountainous terrain.


Download Moringa Card for Printing

1 Pair of school shoes - $12.00

In some of the mountain villages many children do not have school shoes or shoes of any kind.
This can lead to cuts, parasites, anemia, and other health problems.  


Download school shoe Card for Printing

1 piglet - $50.00

Pigs are a good source of protein. They do not require much care and they like to be in water. This comes in handy when one lives in the cloud forest where it rains and floods often.


Download piglet Card for Printing

5 breeding chickens - $25.00 (1 rooster & 4 hens)

Chickens are a good source of protein. They lay lots of eggs, adding to an excellent breakfast. A good hen will lay one egg a day, sometimes two.

Download Chicken Card for Printing

After purchasing your gifts, please return to this page to download and print the gift cards.

Cards are 8.5 by 11, double sided, landscape.

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