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Project Cloud Forest

Imagine a bustling educational center of young people who are buzzing and energized active participants in their own learning.  These once vulnerable and poor Honduran children will receive an extraordinary education designed to activate minds and revolutionize a community. 

Welcome to Project Cloud Forest!

We are going to build a school and we need you to partner with us!

We see a school where outstanding teachers facilitate the classroom's environment, as children lead their own education and growth, seeking answers to the questions that they need resolved to become independent learners.

These young people will be equipped to seek and search for opportunities beyond the four walls of the classroom and their homes. 


We want to see the poorest local communities transformed by the power of education. Quality teachers will be regularly trained by volunteer teams of educators, resulting in an excellent provision of learning opportunities. 

Not only will our pioneer school impact the young people in our care, but we aim to use our international teams to strengthen our program to the extent that local schools and teachers visit our center where we introduce new and diverse methods to help them guide students too. 

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