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Some of the poorest communities

in the world are less then a three

hour flight from the United States.

Sadly, because relief efforts have

been focused on other areas of

the world, families in the cloud

forest of Honduras have all but

been forgotten. Children suffer

and perish from easily treatable

conditions such as malnutrition,

parasite infestations, common viruses and minor infections. In these remote villages schooling beyond 6th grade level is rare, the loss of a mud home from frequent flooding is a common event, and most end the day starving from having no food. 

Since 2002, Projecto Honduras has been working to break this cycle of poverty, illness, and lack of education by using persistence, dedicated volunteers, partnerships with other charitable groups, and the generosity from supporters. We provide a free medical clinic that is visited by teams of doctors from the U.S. as well as Honduran doctors who treat patients with specialized care. We provide humanitarian aid such as food, clothing, shoes, and housing assistance. We also provide educational support and school sponsorships. 

Projecto Honduras has an all volunteer based workforce and our volunteers not only give countless hours of service, they pay for all their own transportation and living expenses. Our founders pay all administrative cost. This means 100% of donations goes to providing aid to those families with the most crucial needs. 

Making a Difference

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